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tanh(3m) [bsd man page]

SINH(3M)																  SINH(3M)

sinh, cosh, tanh - hyperbolic functions SYNOPSIS
#include <math.h> double sinh(x) double x; double cosh(x) double x; double tanh(x) double x; DESCRIPTION
These functions compute the designated hyperbolic functions for real arguments. ERROR (due to Roundoff etc.) Below 2.4 ulps; an ulp is one Unit in the Last Place. DIAGNOSTICS
Sinh and cosh return the reserved operand on a VAX if the correct value would overflow. SEE ALSO
math(3M), infnan(3M) AUTHOR
W. Kahan, Kwok-Choi Ng 4th Berkeley Distribution May 12, 1986 SINH(3M)

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