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TIMES(3C)																 TIMES(3C)

times - get process times SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/times.h> times(buffer) struct tms *buffer; DESCRIPTION
This interface is obsoleted by getrusage(2). Times returns time-accounting information for the current process and for the terminated child processes of the current process. All times are in 1/HZ seconds, where HZ is 60. This is the structure returned by times: The children times are the sum of the children's process times and their children's times. SEE ALSO
time(1), getrusage(2), wait3(2), time(3) 4th Berkeley Distribution May 9, 1985 TIMES(3C)

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times(3UCB)					     SunOS/BSD Compatibility Library Functions					       times(3UCB)

times - get process times SYNOPSIS
/usr/ucb/cc [ flag ... ] file ... #include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/times.h> int times(tmsp); register struct tms *tmsp; DESCRIPTION
The times() function returns time-accounting information for the current process and for the terminated child processes of the current process. All times are reported in clock ticks. The number of clock ticks per second is defined by the variable CLK_TCK, found in the header <limits.h>. A structure with the following members is returned by times(): time_t tms_utime; /* user time */ time_t tms_stime; /* system time */ time_t tms_cutime; /* user time, children */ time_t tms_cstime; /* system time, children */ The children's times are the sum of the children's process times and their children's times. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, times() returns 0. Otherwise, it returns -1. SEE ALSO
time(1), time(2), getrusage(3C), wait(3C) NOTES
Use of these interfaces should be restricted to only applications written on BSD platforms. Use of these interfaces with any of the system libraries or in multi-threaded applications is unsupported. The times() function has been superseded by getrusage(3C). SunOS 5.10 18 Apr 1994 times(3UCB)
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