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TIME(1) 										  TIME(1)

       time - time a command

       time command

       The  given  command is executed; after it is complete, time prints the elapsed time during
       the command, the time spent in the system, and the time spent in execution of the command.
       Times are reported in seconds.

       On  a  PDP-11, the execution time can depend on what kind of memory the program happens to
       land in; the user time in MOS is often half what it is in core.

       The times are printed on the diagnostic output stream.

       Time is built in to csh(1), using a different output format.

       Elapsed time is accurate to the second, while the CPU times are measured to the 100th sec-
       ond.  Thus the sum of the CPU times can be up to a second larger than the elapsed time.

       Time  is  a  built-in  command  to  csh(1), with a much different syntax.  This command is
       available as ``/bin/time'' to csh users.

4th Berkeley Distribution		  April 29, 1985				  TIME(1)
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