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BSD 2.11 - man page for setfsent (bsd section 3)

GETFSENT(3)						     Library Functions Manual						       GETFSENT(3)

getfsent, getfsspec, getfsfile, getfstype, setfsent, endfsent - get file system descriptor file entry
#include <fstab.h> struct fstab *getfsent() struct fstab *getfsspec(spec) char *spec; struct fstab *getfsfile(file) char *file; struct fstab *getfstype(type) char *type; int setfsent() int endfsent()
Getfsent, getfsspec, getfstype, and getfsfile each return a pointer to an object with the following structure containing the broken-out fields of a line in the file system description file, <fstab.h>. struct fstab { char *fs_spec; char *fs_file; char *fs_type; int fs_freq; int fs_passno; }; The fields have meanings described in fstab(5). Getfsent reads the next line of the file, opening the file if necessary. Setfsent opens and rewinds the file. Endfsent closes the file. Getfsspec and getfsfile sequentially search from the beginning of the file until a matching special file name or file system file name is found, or until EOF is encountered. Getfstype does likewise, matching on the file system type field.
Null pointer (0) returned on EOF or error.
All information is contained in a static area so it must be copied if it is to be saved. 4th Berkeley Distribution May 12, 1986 GETFSENT(3)
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