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SCANDIR(3)									       SCANDIR(3)

       scandir, alphasort - scan a directory

       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include <sys/dir.h>

       scandir(dirname, namelist, select, compar)
       char *dirname;
       struct direct *(*namelist[]);
       int (*select)();
       int (*compar)();

       alphasort(d1, d2)
       struct direct **d1, **d2;

       Scandir	reads  the directory dirname and builds an array of pointers to directory entries
       using malloc(3).  It returns the number of entries in the array and a pointer to the array
       through namelist.

       The select parameter is a pointer to a user supplied subroutine which is called by scandir
       to select which entries are to be included in the array.  The select routine is	passed	a
       pointer	to a directory entry and should return a non-zero value if the directory entry is
       to be included in the array.  If select is null, then all the directory	entries  will  be

       The  compar  parameter  is  a  pointer  to  a  user supplied subroutine which is passed to
       qsort(3) to sort the completed array. If this pointer is null, the array  is  not  sorted.
       Alphasort is a routine which can be used for the compar parameter to sort the array alpha-

       The memory allocated for the array can be deallocated with free (see malloc(3)) by freeing
       each pointer in the array and the array itself.

       directory(3), malloc(3), qsort(3), dir(5)

       Returns	-1  if the directory cannot be opened for reading or if malloc(3) cannot allocate
       enough memory to hold all the data structures.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		September 17, 1985			       SCANDIR(3)
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