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ECVT(3) 										  ECVT(3)

       ecvt, fcvt, gcvt - output conversion

       char *ecvt(value, ndigit, decpt, sign)
       double value;
       int ndigit, *decpt, *sign;

       char *fcvt(value, ndigit, decpt, sign)
       double value;
       int ndigit, *decpt, *sign;

       char *gcvt(value, ndigit, buf)
       double value;
       char *buf;

       Ecvt  converts  the value to a null-terminated string of ndigit ASCII digits and returns a
       pointer thereto.  The position of the decimal point  relative  to  the  beginning  of  the
       string is stored indirectly through decpt (negative means to the left of the returned dig-
       its).  If the sign of the result is negative, the word pointed to  by  sign  is	non-zero,
       otherwise it is zero.  The low-order digit is rounded.

       Fcvt  is  identical to ecvt, except that the correct digit has been rounded for Fortran F-
       format output of the number of digits specified by ndigits.

       Gcvt converts the value to a null-terminated ASCII string in buf and returns a pointer  to
       buf.   It  attempts  to produce ndigit significant digits in Fortran F format if possible,
       otherwise E format, ready for printing.	Trailing zeros may be suppressed.


       The return values point to static data whose content is overwritten by each call.

7th Edition				   May 15, 1985 				  ECVT(3)
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