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SYSCALL(2)									       SYSCALL(2)

       syscall - indirect system call

       #include <syscall.h>

       syscall(number, arg, ...)  (VAX-11)

       Syscall	performs the system call whose assembly language interface has the specified num-
       ber, register arguments r0 and r1 and further arguments arg.  Symbolic constants for  sys-
       tem calls can be found in the header file <syscall.h>.

       The r0 value of the system call is returned.

       When  the  C-bit  is  set,  syscall  returns  -1 and sets the external variable errno (see

       There is no way to simulate system calls such as pipe(2), which return values in  register

4th Berkeley Distribution		  April 16, 1986			       SYSCALL(2)
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