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SETREUID(2)									      SETREUID(2)

       setreuid - set real and effective user ID's

       setreuid(ruid, euid)
       int ruid, euid;

       The  real  and  effective  user ID's of the current process are set according to the argu-
       ments.  If ruid or euid is -1, the current uid is filled in by the  system.   Unprivileged
       users may change the real user ID to the effective user ID and vice-versa; only the super-
       user may make other changes.

       Upon successful completion, a value of 0  is  returned.	 Otherwise,  a	value  of  -1  is
       returned and errno is set to indicate the error.

       [EPERM]	      The  current process is not the super-user and a change other than changing
		      the effective user-id to the real user-id was specified.

       getuid(2), setregid(2), setuid(3)

4th Berkeley Distribution		   May 9, 1985				      SETREUID(2)
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