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REBOOT(2)										REBOOT(2)

       reboot - reboot system or halt processor

       #include <sys/reboot.h>

       int howto;

       Reboot reboots the system, and is invoked automatically in the event of unrecoverable sys-
       tem failures.  Howto is a mask of options passed to the	bootstrap  program.   The  system
       call interface permits only RB_HALT or RB_AUTOBOOT to be passed to the reboot program; the
       other flags are used in scripts stored on the console storage media,  or  used  in  manual
       bootstrap  procedures.  When none of these options (e.g. RB_AUTOBOOT) is given, the system
       is rebooted from file "vmunix" in the root file system of unit 0 of a  disk  chosen  in	a
       processor specific way.	An automatic consistency check of the disks is then normally per-

       The bits of howto are:

	      the processor is simply halted; no reboot takes place.  RB_HALT should be used with

	      Interpreted  by the bootstrap program itself, causing it to inquire as to what file
	      should be booted.  Normally, the system is booted  from  the  file  "xx(0,0)vmunix"
	      without asking.

	      Normally,  the  reboot  procedure  involves an automatic disk consistency check and
	      then multi-user operations.  RB_SINGLE prevents the consistency check, rather  sim-
	      ply  booting  the  system  with  a  single-user shell on the console.  RB_SINGLE is
	      interpreted by the init(8) program in the newly booted system.  This switch is  not
	      available from the system call interface.

       Only the super-user may reboot a machine.

       If  successful,	this  call  never  returns.   Otherwise, a -1 is returned and an error is
       returned in the global variable errno.

       [EPERM]	      The caller is not the super-user.

       crash(8), halt(8), init(8), reboot(8)

       The notion of ``console medium'', among other things, is specific to the VAX.

4th Berkeley Distribution		   May 9, 1985					REBOOT(2)
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