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BSD 2.11 - man page for readlink (bsd section 2)

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READLINK(2)									      READLINK(2)

       readlink - read value of a symbolic link

       cc = readlink(path, buf, bufsiz)
       int cc;
       char *path, *buf;
       int bufsiz;

       Readlink  places  the contents of the symbolic link name in the buffer buf, which has size
       bufsiz.	The contents of the link are not null terminated when returned.

       The call returns the count of characters placed in the buffer if it succeeds, or a  -1  if
       an error occurs, placing the error code in the global variable errno.

       Readlink will fail and the file mode will be unchanged if:

       [ENOTDIR]      A component of the path prefix is not a directory.

       [EINVAL]       The pathname contains a character with the high-order bit set.

       [ENAMETOOLONG] A  component  of a pathname exceeded 255 characters, or an entire path name
		      exceeded 1023 characters.

       [ENOENT]       The named file does not exist.

       [EACCES]       Search permission is denied for a component of the path prefix.

       [ELOOP]	      Too many symbolic links were encountered in translating the pathname.

       [EINVAL]       The named file is not a symbolic link.

       [EIO]	      An I/O error occurred while reading from the file system.

       [EFAULT]       Buf extends outside the process's allocated address space.

       stat(2), lstat(2), symlink(2)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		 August 26, 1985			      READLINK(2)
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