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GETPGRP(2)									       GETPGRP(2)

       getpgrp - get process group

       pgrp = getpgrp(pid)
       int pgrp;
       int pid;

       The  process  group of the specified process is returned by getpgrp.  If pid is zero, then
       the call applies to the current process.

       Process groups are used for  distribution  of  signals,	and  by  terminals  to	arbitrate
       requests  for  their input: processes that have the same process group as the terminal are
       foreground and may read, while others will block with a signal if they attempt to read.

       This call is thus used by programs such as csh(1) to create process groups in implementing
       job  control.   The  TIOCGPGRP and TIOCSPGRP calls described in tty(4) are used to get/set
       the process group of the control terminal.

       setpgrp(2), getuid(2), tty(4)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		 August 26, 1985			       GETPGRP(2)
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