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uulog(1c) [bsd man page]

UULOG(1C)																 UULOG(1C)

uulog - display UUCP log files SYNOPSIS
uulog [ -s sys ] [ -u user ] DESCRIPTION
Uulog queries a log of uucp(1C) and uux(1C) transactions in the file /usr/spool/uucp/LOGFILE. The options command uulog to print logging information: -ssys Print information about work involving system sys. -uuser Print information about work done for the specified user. FILES
/usr/spool/uucp/LOGFILE SEE ALSO
uucp(1C), uux(1C). NOTES
Very early releases of UUCP used separate log files for each of the UUCP utilities; uulog was used to merge the individual logs into a mas- ter file. This capability has not been necessary for some time and is no longer supported. BUGS
UUCP's recording of which user issued a request is unreliable. Uulog is little more than an overspecialized version of grep(1). 4.3 Berkeley Distribution April 24, 1986 UULOG(1C)

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UUCP(1C)																  UUCP(1C)

uucp, uulog - unix to unix copy SYNOPSIS
uucp [ option ] ... source-file ... destination-file uulog [ option ] ... DESCRIPTION
Uucp copies files named by the source-file arguments to the destination-file argument. A file name may be a path name on your machine, or may have the form system-name!pathname where `system-name' is taken from a list of system names which uucp knows about. Shell metacharacters ?*[] appearing in the pathname part will be expanded on the appropriate system. Pathnames may be one of(1) a full pathname; (2) a pathname preceded by ~user; where user is a userid on the specified system and is replaced by that user's login directory; (3) anything else is prefixed by the current directory. If the result is an erroneous pathname for the remote system the copy will fail. If the destination-file is a directory, the last part of the source-file name is used. Uucp preserves execute permissions across the transmission and gives 0666 read and write permissions (see chmod(2)). The following options are interpreted by uucp. -d Make all necessary directories for the file copy. -c Use the source file when copying out rather than copying the file to the spool directory. -m Send mail to the requester when the copy is complete. Uulog maintains a summary log of uucp and uux(1) transactions in the file `/usr/spool/uucp/LOGFILE' by gathering information from partial log files named `/usr/spool/uucp/LOG.*.?'. It removes the partial log files. The options cause uulog to print logging information: -ssys Print information about work involving system sys. -uuser Print information about work done for the specified user. FILES
/usr/spool/uucp - spool directory /usr/lib/uucp/* - other data and program files SEE ALSO
uux(1), mail(1) D. A. Nowitz, Uucp Implementation Description WARNING
The domain of remotely accessible files can (and for obvious security reasons, usually should) be severely restricted. You will very likely not be able to fetch files by pathname; ask a responsible person on the remote system to send them to you. For the same reasons you will probably not be able to send files to arbitrary pathnames. BUGS
All files received by uucp will be owned by uucp. The -m option will only work sending files or receiving a single file. (Receiving multiple files specified by special shell characters ?*[] will not activate the -m option.) UUCP(1C)
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