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BSD 2.11 - man page for vacation (bsd section 1)

VACATION(1)				       General Commands Manual					  VACATION(1)

vacation - return ``I am on vacation'' indication
vacation -I vacation user
Vacation returns a message to the sender of a message telling that you are on vacation. The intended use is in a .forward file. For example, your .forward file might have: \eric, "|vacation eric" which would send messages to you (assuming your login name was eric) and send a message back to the sender. Vacation expects a file .vacation.msg in your home directory containing a message to be sent back to each sender. It should be an entire message (including headers). For example, it might say: From: eric@ucbmonet.Berkeley.EDU (Eric Allman) Subject: I am on vacation Delivered-By-The-Graces-Of: the Vacation program I am on vacation until July 22. If you have something urgent, please contact Joe Kalash <kalash@ucbingres.Berkeley.EDU>. --eric This message will only be sent once a week to each unique sender. The people who have sent you messages are kept in the files .vacation.pag and .vacation.dir in your home directory. The -I option initializes these files, and should be executed before you modify your .forward file. If the -I flag is not specified, vacation reads the first line from the standard input for a UNIX-style ``From'' line to determine the sender. If this is not present, a nasty diagnostic is produced. Sendmail(8) includes the ``From'' line automatically. No message is sent if the initial ``From'' line includes the string ``-REQUEST@'' or if a ``Precedence: bulk'' or ``Precedence: junk'' line is included in the header.
sendmail(8) 4.3 Berkeley Distribution June 16, 1985 VACATION(1)

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