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TC(1)											    TC(1)

       tc - photoypesetter simulator

       tc [ -t ] [ -sN ] [ -pL ] [ file ]

       Tc  interprets  its  input  (standard input default) as device codes for a Graphic Systems
       phototypesetter (cat).  The standard output of tc is intended for a Tektronix 4015 (a 4014
       terminal with ASCII and APL character sets).  The sixteen typesetter sizes are mapped into
       the 4014's four sizes; the entire TROFF character set is drawn using the 4014's	character
       generator, using overstruck combinations where necessary.  Typical usage:

		      troff -t file | tc

       At  the end of each page tc waits for a newline (empty line) from the keyboard before con-
       tinuing on to the next page.  In this wait state, the command e will suppress  the  screen
       erase  before  the next page; sN will cause the next N pages to be skipped; and !line will
       send line to the shell.

       The command line options are:

       -t     Don't wait between pages; for directing output into a file.

       -sN    Skip the first N pages.

       -pL    Set page length to L.  L may include the scale factors p (points),  i  (inches),	c
	      (centimeters), and P (picas); default is picas.

       '-l w' Multiply the default aspect ratio, 1.5, of a displayed page by l/w.

       troff(1), plot(1G)

       Font distinctions are lost.
       tc's character set is limited to ASCII in just one size.
       The aspect ratio option is unbelievable.

7th Edition				  April 29, 1985				    TC(1)
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