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SU(1)											    SU(1)

       su - substitute user id temporarily

       su [ -f ] [ - ] [ userid ]

       Su  demands  the  password  of  the  specified userid, and if it is given, changes to that
       userid and invokes the Shell sh(1) or csh(1) without changing the current directory.   The
       user environment is unchanged except for HOME and SHELL, which are taken from the password
       file for the user being substituted (see environ(7)).  The new  user  ID  stays	in  force
       until the Shell exits.

       If  no userid is specified, ``root'' is assumed.  Only users in the ``wheel'' group (group
       0) can su to ``root'', even with the root password.   To  remind  the  super-user  of  his
       responsibilities, the Shell substitutes `#' for its usual prompt.

       The  -f	option	prevents  csh(1)  from executing the .cshrc file; thus making su start up

       The - option simulates a full login.

       sh(1), csh(1)

3rd Berkeley Distribution		   May 5, 1986					    SU(1)
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