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su(1) [bsd man page]

SU(1)							      General Commands Manual							     SU(1)

su - substitute user id temporarily SYNOPSIS
su [ -f ] [ - ] [ userid ] DESCRIPTION
Su demands the password of the specified userid, and if it is given, changes to that userid and invokes the Shell sh(1) or csh(1) without changing the current directory. The user environment is unchanged except for HOME and SHELL, which are taken from the password file for the user being substituted (see environ(7)). The new user ID stays in force until the Shell exits. If no userid is specified, ``root'' is assumed. Only users in the ``wheel'' group (group 0) can su to ``root'', even with the root pass- word. To remind the super-user of his responsibilities, the Shell substitutes `#' for its usual prompt. The -f option prevents csh(1) from executing the .cshrc file; thus making su start up faster. The - option simulates a full login. SEE ALSO
sh(1), csh(1) 3rd Berkeley Distribution May 5, 1986 SU(1)

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su(1)							      General Commands Manual							     su(1)

       su - substitute a user ID

       su [username]

       su - [username]

       su -f [username]

       The  command  requests the password of the specified username.  If the correct password is given, changes to that username without changing
       the current directory.  The user environment is unchanged except for HOME and SHELL which are taken from the password file entry for  user-
       name.   The  shell  that  is  run  is also taken from the password file entry for username.  The new user ID stays in force until the shell

       If no username is specified, `root' is assumed.	To remind the superuser of his responsibilities, the shell substitutes `#' for	its  usual

       -f   Prevents from executing the .cshrc file, making start up faster.

       -    Simulates a full login.

	    An invalid password was supplied for the specified username.

       Unknown login: username
	    The specified username was not found in the passwd database.

       No directory
	    The home directory for the username is not accessible at this time (only with ``-'' argument).

       No shell
	    The shell specified in the passwd database entry for username could not be executed.

       Kerberos initialization failure
	    Consult your system administrator.

       If enhanced security features are enabled the following error messages are also possible:

       Requires secure terminal
	    Attempt to su to UID 0 on a line that is not marked secure in

       User's password has expired
	    Access is denied because the password for username is expired.

       This account is disabled
	    Access is denied because the auth entry corresponding to username is marked disabled.

       Log file of anyone who became
			root, with a date mark.

See Also
       csh(1), sh(1), passwd(5yp), environ(7), edauth(8)
       Security Guide for Administrators
       Security Guide for Users


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