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STRINGS(1)									       STRINGS(1)

       strings - find the printable strings in a object, or other binary, file

       strings [ - ] [ -o ] [ -number ] file ...

       Strings	looks  for ascii strings in a binary file.  A string is any sequence of 4 or more
       printing characters ending with a newline or a null.  Unless the - flag is given,  strings
       only  looks  in the initialized data space of object files.  If the -o flag is given, then
       each string is preceded by its offset in the file (in octal).   If  the	-number  flag  is
       given then number is used as the minimum string length rather than 4.

       Strings is useful for identifying random object files and many other things.


       The algorithm for identifying strings is extremely primitive.

3rd Berkeley Distribution		   May 12, 1986 			       STRINGS(1)
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