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strcompact(1)									    strcompact(1)

       strcompact - string compaction for object files

       strcompact [ object_name ... ]

       strcompact  scans the symbol and string tables of an object file looking for multiple ref-
       erences in the symbol table to the same string.	The string offset of symbol table entries
       is updated to preserve only one copy of the string.

       strcompact cut the size of the kernel string table by about 25%.

       The user must have write permission to the object/executable file.

       strcompact writes to stderr the number of shared strings found.

       strcompact exits 0 if successful, and >0 if an error occurred.

       sort(1), symcompact(1), symorder(1), uniq(1)

       Execution speed leaves much to be desired - on a 11/73 it takes about 4 minutes to process
       the string table of the kernel.	Fortunately this is only done once  when  the  kernel  is

       Although strcompact may be run on .o files as well as executables but this is probably not
       worth the trouble since the linker will not create shared strings in the final executable.

3rd Berkeley Distribution		 January 25, 1994			    strcompact(1)
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