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RNMAIL(1)										RNMAIL(1)

       Rnmail - a program for replying via mail

       Rnmail destination_list
       Rnmail -h headerfile [oldarticle]

       Rnmail  is a friendly interface for mailing replies to news articles.  It will ask several
       questions, then allow you to enter your letter, and then mail it off.  If you type h and a
       carriage return at any point, Rnmail will tell you what it wants to know.

       The -h form is used when invoked from rn.  If your editor can edit multiple files, and you
       want the article to which you are replying to show up as an  alternate  file,  define  the
       environment  variable  MAILPOSTER as "Rnmail -h %h %A".	You can also modify the the MAIL-
       HEADER environment variable to change the header file that rn passes to Rnmail.

       DOTDIR  If defined, specifies a place other than your home directory where 'dot' files may
	       be  stored.  This is primarily for accounts which are shared by more than one per-

	       Default: $HOME

       EDITOR  The editor you want to use, if VISUAL is undefined.

	       Default: whatever your news administrator installed, usually vi.

       HOME    Your home directory.

	       Default: $LOGDIR

       LOGDIR  Your home directory if HOME is undefined.

       LOGNAME Your login name, if USER is undefined.

	       Default: value of "whoami".

	       If defined, contains the name of a file to which  the  finished	message  will  be

	       Default: message not saved

	       Either the name of your organization, or the name of a file containing the name of
	       your organization.

	       Default: whatever your news administrator chose.

       USER    Your login name.

	       Default: $LOGNAME

       VISUAL  The editor you want to use.

	       Default: $EDITOR


       rn(1), Pnews(1), mail(1)

       Uses /bin/mail in the absence of sendmail.

					      LOCAL					RNMAIL(1)
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