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RCSDIFF(1)									       RCSDIFF(1)

       rcsdiff - compare RCS revisions

       rcsdiff [ -biwt ] [ -cefhn ] [ -rrev1 ] [ -rrev2 ] file ...

       Rcsdiff runs diff (1) to compare two revisions of each RCS file given.  A file name ending
       in ',v' is an RCS file name, otherwise a working file name. Rcsdiff  derives  the  working
       file  name from the RCS file name and vice versa, as explained in co (1). Pairs consisting
       of both an RCS and a working file name may also be specified.

       All options except -r have the same effect as described in diff(1).

       If both rev1 and rev2 are omitted, rcsdiff compares the latest revision on the trunk  with
       the  contents  of  the corresponding working file. This is useful for determining what you
       changed since the last checkin.

       If rev1 is given, but rev2 is omitted, rcsdiff compares revision rev1 of the RCS file with
       the contents of the corresponding working file.

       If both rev1 and rev2 are given, rcsdiff compares revisions rev1 and rev2 of the RCS file.

       Both rev1 and rev2 may be given numerically or symbolically.

       The command

	       rcsdiff	f.c

       runs  diff on the latest trunk revision of RCS file f.c,v and the contents of working file

       Author: Walter F. Tichy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 47907.
       Revision Number: 1.2 ; Release Date: 86/05/19 .
       Copyright (C) 1982 by Walter F. Tichy.

       ci (1), co (1), diff (1), ident (1), rcs (1), rcsintro (1), rcsmerge (1), rlog  (1),  rcs-
       file (5).
       Walter F. Tichy, "Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Revision Control System," in
       Proceedings of the 6th International Conference	on  Software  Engineering,  IEEE,  Tokyo,
       Sept. 1982.

Purdue University			     5/19/86				       RCSDIFF(1)

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