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QUOTA(1)						      General Commands Manual							  QUOTA(1)

quota - display disc usage and limits SYNOPSIS
quota [ -qv ] [ user ] DESCRIPTION
Quota displays users' disc usage and limits. Only the super-user may use the optional user argument to view the limits of users other than himself. The -q flag prints a more terse message, containing only information on file systems where usage is over quota. If a -v flag is supplied, quota will also display user's quotas on file systems where no storage is allocated. Quota reports only on file systems which have disc quotas. If quota exits with a non-zero status, one or more file systems are over quota. SEE ALSO
quota(2), quotaon(8) 4.2 Berkeley Distribution April 29, 1985 QUOTA(1)

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QUOTA(1)						      General Commands Manual							  QUOTA(1)

quota - display disk usage and limits SYNOPSIS
quota [ -F format-name ] [ -guvs | q ] quota [ -F format-name ] [ -uvs | q ] user quota [ -F format-name ] [ -gvs | q ] group DESCRIPTION
quota displays users' disk usage and limits. By default only the user quotas are printed. quota reports the quotas of all the filesystems listed in /etc/mtab. For filesystems that are NFS-mounted a call to the rpc.rquotad on the server machine is performed to get the information. OPTIONS
-F format-name Show quota for specified format (ie. don't perform format autodetection). Possible format names are: vfsold (version 1 quota), vfsv0 (version 2 quota), rpc (quota over NFS), xfs (quota on XFS filesystem) -g Print group quotas for the group of which the user is a member. The optional -u flag is equivalent to the default. -v will display quotas on filesystems where no storage is allocated. -s flag will make quota(1) try to choose units for showing limits, used space and used inodes. -q Print a more terse message, containing only information on filesystems where usage is over quota. Specifying both -g and -u displays both the user quotas and the group quotas (for the user). Only the super-user may use the -u flag and the optional user argument to view the limits of other users. Non-super-users can use the the -g flag and optional group argument to view only the limits of groups of which they are members. The -q flag takes precedence over the -v flag. DIAGNOSTICS
If quota exits with a non-zero status, one or more filesystems are over quota. FILES
aquota.user or quota file at the filesystem root (version 2 quota, non-XFS filesystems) quota.user or quota file at the filesystem root (version 1 quota, non-XFS filesystems) /etc/mtab default filesystems SEE ALSO
quotactl(2), fstab(5), edquota(8), quotacheck(8), quotaon(8), repquota(8) QUOTA(1)
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