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PNEWS(1)						      General Commands Manual							  PNEWS(1)

Pnews - a program for posting news articles SYNOPSIS
Pnews newsgroup title or Pnews -h headerfile [oldarticle] or Pnews DESCRIPTION
Pnews is a friendly interface for posting news articles. It will ask several questions, then allow you to enter your article, and then post it using the inews(1) program. If you type h and a carriage return at any point, Pnews will tell you what it wants to know. The -h form is used when invoked from rn. If your editor can edit multiple files, and you want the article to which you are replying to show up as an alternate file, define the environment variable NEWSPOSTER as "Pnews -h %h %A". You can also modify the the NEWSHEADER envi- ronment variable to change the header file that rn passes to Pnews. ENVIRONMENT
AUTHORCOPY If defined, contains the name of a file to which the finished article will be appended. Default: article not saved DOTDIR Where to find your dot files, if they aren't in your home directory. This is primarily for accounts which are shared by more than one person. Default: $HOME EDITOR The editor you want to use, if VISUAL is undefined. Default: whatever your news administrator installed, usually vi. HOME Your home directory. Default: $LOGDIR LOGDIR Your home directory if HOME is undefined. LOGNAME Your login name, if USER is undefined. Default: value of "whoami". NAME Your full name. Default: name from /etc/passwd, or ~/.fullname. ORGANIZATION Either the name of your organization, or the name of a file containing the name of your organization. Default: whatever your news administrator chose. USER Your login name. Default: $LOGNAME VISUAL The editor you want to use. Default: $EDITOR FILES
$DOTDIR/.article ~/dead.article SEE ALSO
rn(1), Rnmail(1), inews(1) DIAGNOSTICS
Not the speediest program in the world, but maybe that's a blessing to the net. LOCAL PNEWS(1)

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MAILPOST(1)						      General Commands Manual						       MAILPOST(1)

mailpost - feed an email message into a news group SYNOPSIS
mailpost [ -r addr ] [ -f addr ] [ -a addr ] [ -d distribution ] [ -m mailing-list ] [ -b database ] newsgroups DESCRIPTION
The mailpost program reads a properly formatted email message from stdin and feeds it to inews for posting to a news server. Before feeding the article to inews it checks that the article has not been seen before, and it changes some headers (cleans some address headers up and puts ``X-'' in front of unknown headers). If the article has been seen before (mailpost records the message-id of all articles is handles), the the article will be silently dropped. Other errors will cause the article to be mailed to the newsmaster. Normally mailpost is run by sendmail via an alias entry: local-mail-wreck-bikes: "|<PREFIX specified with --prefix at configure>/bin/mailpost -d local" newsgroups cannot be multiple groups. Only one newsgroup name is allowed. OPTIONS
-r If the ``-r'' flag is used the program will use the given address as the Path header, if no other value can be determined. -f The ``-f'' flag is a synonym for the ``-r'' flag. -a If the ``-a'' flag is used the value given is added to the article as an Approved header. -d If the ``-d'' flag is used the value given is added to the article as a Distribution header. -m If the ``-m'' flag is used the value given is added to the articles in a Mailing-List header, if a Mailing-List header doesn't already exist. -b IF the ``-b'' flag is used, then it defines the location of the database used to store the message ids of articles sent on. This is to prevent articles looping around if a news to mail gateway sends them back here. This option may be required if the mailpost process doesn't have write access to the news tmp directory (the value of pathtmp in inn.conf(5). HISTORY
Written by Paul Vixie long ago and then hacked up by James Brister for INN integration. This is revision, dated 2001/09/22. FILES
<pathdb in inn.conf>/mailpost-msgid.db database file BUGS
Is lacking in configurability. SEE ALSO
active(5), inn.conf(5), nnrpd(8), wildmat(3). MAILPOST(1)
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