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PMERGE(1)										PMERGE(1)

       pmerge - pascal file merger

       pmerge name.p ...

       Pmerge  assembles  the  named  Pascal  files  into  a single standard Pascal program.  The
       resulting program is listed on the standard output.  It is intended to be used to merge	a
       collection of separately compiled modules so that they can be run through pi , or exported
       to other sites.

       /usr/tmp/MG*   default temporary files

       pc(1), pi(1),
       Auxiliary documentation Berkeley Pascal User's Manual.

       M. Kirk McKusick

       Very minimal error checking is done, so	incorrect  programs  will  produce  unpredictable
       results.   Block  comments  should be placed after the keyword to which they refer or they
       are likely to end up in bizarre places.

4th Berkeley Distribution		  April 29, 1985				PMERGE(1)
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