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NFSTATS(1)									       NFSTATS(1)

       nfstats - Print statistics about Notesfiles

       nfstats [ -s ] topic [ ... ]

       Nfstats	prints	usage statistics for notesfiles.  This program takes a list of notesfiles
       and lists their statistics on standard output.  If more than one notesfile  is  specified,
       an aggregate set of statistics is also produced.

       Specify	-s  to	have  only  this aggregate report printed and the individual reports sup-

       Notes sent to two sites are counted as ``networked out'' twice.

       Sequencing past an idle notesfile isn't counted as an entry.  This is  a  mixed	blessing.
       Not keeping this statistic greatly improves performance.

       /etc/passwd			  for the users name
       /etc/group			  for the users group
       /usr/spool/notes 		  the default notesfile data base

       notes(1), nfcomment(3),
       The Notesfile Reference Manual

       Ray Essick (uiucdcs!essick, essick%uiuc@csnet-relay.arpa)
       Department of Computer Science
       University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
       Urbana, IL

       Rob Kolstad (kolstad@convex.UUCP)
       CONVEX Computer Corporation
       Richardson, TX

				      University of Illinois			       NFSTATS(1)
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