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mwrite(1) [bsd man page]

MWRITE(1)						      General Commands Manual							 MWRITE(1)

mwrite - low level write (copy) a Unix file to MSDOS SYNOPSIS
mwrite [ -tnvm ] unixfile msdosfile mwrite [ -tnvm ] unixfile [ unixfiles... ] msdosdirectory DESCRIPTION
In the first form, mwrite copies the specified Unix file to the named MSDOS file. The second form of the command copies multiple Unix files to the named MSDOS directory. Mwrite will allow the following command line options: t Text file transfer. Mwrite will translate incoming line feeds to carriage return/line feeds. n No warning. Mwrite will not warn the user when overwriting an existing file. v Verbose mode. Display the new filename if the Unix filename requires conversion. m Preserve the file modification times. If the target file already exists, and the -n option is not in effect, mwrite asks whether or not to overwrite the file. Reasonable care is taken to create a valid MSDOS filename. If an invalid name is specified, mwrite will change the name (and display the new name if the verbose mode is set). MSDOS subdirectory names are are supported with either the '/' or '' separator. The use of the '' separator or wildcards will require the names to be enclosed in quotes to protect them from the shell. The mcd command may be used to establish the device and the current working directory (relative to MSDOS), otherwise the default is A:/. SEE ALSO
mcd(1), mcopy(1), mread(1) BUGS
Unlike MSDOS, the destination directory may not be omitted. local MWRITE(1)

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unix2dos(1)						      General Commands Manual						       unix2dos(1)

unix2dos - mtools utility to convert a UNIX file to DOS format SYNOPSIS
unix2dos unixfile OPTIONS
Name of the file to convert. DESCRIPTION
The unix2dos command converts a file from UNIX format to DOS format. The converted file replaces the original file. Subdirectory names that contain the '/' or '' separator are supported. If you use the '' separator or wildcards, you must enclose file names in quotes to protect them from the shell. The mcd command can be used to establish the device and the current working directory (relative to DOS), otherwise the default is A:. EXIT STATUS
The following exit values are returned: Success. Failure. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
The following environment variables affect the execution of unix2dos: If set, this variable names the file that contains the name of the current mtools working directory as established by the mcd command. If this variable is not set, the file $HOME/.mcwd is used. FILES
Contains the name of the current mtools working directory as established by the mcd command. If this file does not exist, the default mtools working directory is A:. Executable file SEE ALSO
Commands: mcopy(1), mread(1), mtools(1) mtype(1), mwrite(1) unix2dos(1)
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