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MCD(1)											   MCD(1)

       mcd - change MSDOS directory

       mcd [ msdosdirectory ]

       Without	arguments,  mcd will report the current device and working directory.  Otherwise,
       mcd changes the current device and current working directory relative to an MSDOS filesys-

       The  environmental  variable MCWD may be used to locate the file where the device and cur-
       rent working directory information is stored.  The default is '$HOME/.mcwd'.   Information
       in this file is ignored if the file is more than 6 hours old.

       MSDOS  subdirectory  names are supported with either the '/' or '\' separator.  The use of
       the '\' separator or wildcards will require the directory name to be enclosed in quotes to
       protect it from the shell.


       MSDOS doesn't use CD to change to another device.

       It may be wise to remove old .mcwd files at logout.

					      local					   MCD(1)
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