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MTYPE(1)						      General Commands Manual							  MTYPE(1)

mtype - display contents of an MSDOS file SYNOPSIS
mtype [ -ts ] msdosfile [ msdosfiles... ] DESCRIPTION
Mtype displays the specified MSDOS file on the screen. Mtype will allow the following command line options: t Text file viewing. Mtype will translate incoming carriage return/line feeds to line feeds. s Strip high bit. Mtype will strip the high bit from the data. MSDOS subdirectory names are supported with either the '/' or '' separator. The use of the '' separator or wildcards will require the names to be enclosed in quotes to protect them from the shell. The mcd command may be used to establish the device and the current working directory (relative to MSDOS), otherwise the default is A:/. SEE ALSO
mcd(1), mread(1) BUGS
Allows multiple arguments, which does not follow the MSDOS convention. local MTYPE(1)

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mtype(1)						      General Commands Manual							  mtype(1)

       mtype - display contents of an MSDOS file

Note of warning
       This  manpage  has been automatically generated from mtools's texinfo documentation, and may not be entirely accurate or complete.  See the
       end of this man page for details.

       The mtype command is used to display contents of an MS-DOS file. Its syntax is:

       mtype [-ts] msdosfile [ msdosfiles... ]

       Mtype displays the specified MS-DOS file on the screen.

       In addition to the standard options, Mtype allows the following command line options:

       t      Text file viewing.  Mtype translates incoming carriage return/line feeds to line feeds.

       s      Mtype strips the high bit from the data.

       The mcd command may be used to establish the device and the current working directory (relative to MS-DOS), otherwise the default is A:/.

       Mtype returns 0 on success, 1 on utter failure, or 2 on partial failure.

       Unlike the MS-DOS version of TYPE, mtype allows multiple arguments.

See Also
       Mtools' texinfo doc

Viewing the texi doc
       This manpage has been automatically generated from mtools's texinfo documentation. However, this process is only  approximative,  and  some
       items, such as crossreferences, footnotes and indices are lost in this translation process.  Indeed, these items have no appropriate repre-
       sentation in the manpage format.  Moreover, not all information has been translated into the manpage version.  Thus I strongly  advise  you
       to use the original texinfo doc.  See the end of this manpage for instructions how to view the texinfo doc.

       *      To generate a printable copy from the texinfo doc, run the following commands:

		     ./configure; make dvi; dvips mtools.dvi

       *      To generate a html copy,	run:

		     ./configure; make html

	      A premade html can be found at: `' and also at: `'

       *      To generate an info copy (browsable using emacs' info mode), run:

		     ./configure; make info

       The  texinfo  doc looks most pretty when printed or as html.  Indeed, in the info version certain examples are difficult to read due to the
       quoting conventions used in info.

mtools-3.9.8							      02Jun01								  mtype(1)
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