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MSET(1) 										  MSET(1)

       mset - retrieve ASCII to IBM 3270 keyboard map


       Mset  retrieves	mapping  information  for the ASCII keyboard to IBM 3270 terminal special
       functions.   Normally,  these  mappings	are   found   in   /usr/share/misc/map3270   (see
       map3270(5)).  This information is used by the tn3270 command (see tn3270(1)).

       Mset  can  be  used  store  the mapping information in the process environment in order to
       avoid scanning /usr/share/misc/map3270 each time tn3270 is invoked.  To do this, place the
       following command in your .login file:

	  set noglob; setenv MAP3270 "`mset`"; unset noglob

       Mset  first  determines the user's terminal type from the environment variable TERM.  Nor-
       mally mset then uses the file /usr/share/misc/map3270 to find  the  keyboard  mapping  for
       that terminal.  However, if the environment variable MAP3270 exists and contains the entry
       for the specified terminal, then that definition is used.  If the value of MAP3270  begins
       with a slash (`/') then it is assumed to be the full pathname of an alternate mapping file
       and that file is searched first.  In any case, if the mapping  for  the	terminal  is  not
       found in the environment, nor in an alternate map file, nor in the standard map file, then
       the same search is performed for an entry for a terminal type of unknown.  If that  search
       also fails, then a default mapping is used.

       /usr/share/misc/map3270	      keyboard mapping for known terminals

       tn3270(1), map3270(5)

       If  the	entry  for  the specific terminal exceeds 1024 bytes, csh(1) will fail to set the
       environment variable.  Mset should probably detect this case and output the  path  to  the
       map3270 file instead of the terminal entry.

4.3 Berkeley Distribution		November 16, 1996				  MSET(1)
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