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mread(1) [bsd man page]

MREAD(1)						      General Commands Manual							  MREAD(1)

mread - low level read (copy) an MSDOS file to Unix SYNOPSIS
mread [ -tnm ] msdosfile unixfile mread [ -tnm ] msdosfile [ msdosfiles... ] unixdirectory DESCRIPTION
In the first form, mread copies the specified MSDOS file to the named Unix file. The second form of the command copies multiple MSDOS files to the named Unix directory. Mread will allow the following command line options: t Text file transfer. Mread will translate incoming carriage return/line feeds to line feeds. n No warning. Mread will not warn the user when overwriting an existing file. m Preserve the file modification times. If the target file already exists, and the -n option is not in effect, mread asks whether or not to overwrite the file. MSDOS subdirectory names are supported with either the '/' or '' separator. The use of the '' separator or wildcards will require the names to be enclosed in quotes to protect them from the shell. The mcd command may be used to establish the device and the current working directory (relative to MSDOS), otherwise the default is A:/. SEE ALSO
mcd(1), mcopy(1), mtype(1), mwrite(1) BUGS
Unlike MSDOS, the destination directory may not be omitted. local MREAD(1)

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MTOOLS(1)						      General Commands Manual							 MTOOLS(1)

Mtools - a collection of tools for manipulating MSDOS files SYNOPSIS
mattrib - change MSDOS file attribute flags mcd - change MSDOS directory mcopy - copy MSDOS files to/from Unix mdel - delete an MSDOS file mdir - display an MSDOS directory mformat - add an MSDOS filesystem to a low-level formatted diskette mlabel - make an MSDOS volume label mmd - make an MSDOS subdirectory mrd - remove an MSDOS subdirectory mread - low level read (copy) an MSDOS file to Unix mren - rename an existing MSDOS file mtype - display contents of an MSDOS file mwrite - low level write (copy) a Unix file to MSDOS DESCRIPTION
Mtools is a public domain collection of programs to allow Unix systems to read, write, and manipulate files on an MSDOS filesystem (typi- cally a diskette). Each program attempts to emulate the MSDOS equivalent command as closely as practical. MSDOS filenames are optionally composed of a drive letter followed by a colon, a subdirectory, and a filename. Subdirectory names can use either the '/' or '' separator. The use of the '' separator or wildcards will require the names to be enclosed in quotes to protect them from the shell. The regular expression "pattern matching" routines follow the Unix-style rules. For example, '*' matches all MSDOS files in lieu of '*.*'. The archive, hidden, read-only and system attribute bits are ignored during pattern matching. All options use the '-' (minus) flag, not '/' as you'd expect in MSDOS. The mcd command is used to establish the device and the current working directory (relative to the MSDOS filesystem), otherwise the default is assumed to be A:/. SEE ALSO
mattrib(1), mcd(1), mdel(1), mformat(1), mrd(1), mren(1), mtype(1), mcopy(1), mdir(1), mlabel(1), mmd(1), mread(1), mwrite(1) BUGS
An unfortunate side effect of not guessing the proper device (when multiple disk capacities are supported) is an occasional error message from the device driver. These can be safely ignored. local MTOOLS(1)
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