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MMD(1)											   MMD(1)

       mmd - make an MSDOS subdirectory

       mmd [ -v ] msdosdirectory [ msdosdirectories... ]

       Mmd makes a new directory on an MSDOS filesystem.

       Mmd will allow the following command line option:

       v      Verbose mode.  Display the new directory name if the name supplied is invalid.

       Reasonable  care  is  taken to create a valid MSDOS directory name.  If an invalid name is
       specified, mmd will change the name (and display the new name if the verbose mode is set).

       An error occurs if the directory already exists.

       MSDOS subdirectory names are supported with either the '/' or '\' separator.  The  use  of
       the '\' separator or wildcards will require the directory name to be enclosed in quotes to
       protect it from the shell.

       The mcd command may be used to establish the device  and  the  current  working	directory
       (relative to MSDOS), otherwise the default is A:/.

       mcd(1), mrd(1)

       Allows multiple arguments, which does not follow the MSDOS convention.

					      local					   MMD(1)
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