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LEAVE(1)										 LEAVE(1)

       leave - remind you when you have to leave

       leave [ [+]hhmm ]

       Leave  waits  until  the specified time, then reminds you that you have to leave.  You are
       reminded 5 minutes and 1 minute before the actual time, at  the	time,  and  every  minute
       thereafter.  When you log off, leave exits just before it would have printed the next mes-

       The time of day is in the form hhmm where hh is a time in  hours  (on  a  12  or  24  hour
       clock).	 All  times  are  converted  to a 12 hour clock, and assumed to be in the next 12

       If the time is preceeded by `+', the alarm will go off in hours and minutes from the  cur-
       rent time.

       If  no argument is given, leave prompts with "When do you have to leave?". A reply of new-
       line causes leave to exit, otherwise the reply is assumed to be	a  time.   This  form  is
       suitable for inclusion in a .login or .profile.

       Leave  ignores  interrupts, quits, and terminates.  To get rid of it you should either log
       off or use ``kill -9'' giving its process id.


3rd Berkeley Distribution		   May 7, 1986					 LEAVE(1)
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