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INTRO(1)										 INTRO(1)

       intro - introduction to commands

       This section describes publicly accessible commands in alphabetic order.  Certain distinc-
       tions of purpose are made in the headings:

       (1)    Commands of general utility.

       (1C)   Commands for communication with other systems.

       (1G)   Commands used primarily for graphics and computer-aided design.

       N.B.: Commands related to system maintenance used to appear in section 1 manual pages  and
       were  distinguished by (1M) at the top of the page.  These manual pages now appear in sec-
       tion 8.

       Section (6) for computer games.

       How to get started, in the Introduction.

       Upon termination each command returns two bytes of status, one supplied by the system giv-
       ing  the  cause for termination, and (in the case of `normal' termination) one supplied by
       the program, see wait and exit(2).  The former byte is 0 for normal termination, the  lat-
       ter  is customarily 0 for successful execution, nonzero to indicate troubles such as erro-
       neous parameters, bad or inaccessible data, or other inability to cope with  the  task  at
       hand.   It  is  called  variously  `exit  code',  `exit	status'  or `return code', and is
       described only where special conventions are involved.

7th Edition				  April 29, 1985				 INTRO(1)
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