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EXIT(2) 										  EXIT(2)

       _exit - terminate a process

       int status;

       _exit terminates a process with the following consequences:

       All  of	the  descriptors open in the calling process are closed.  This may entail delays,
       for example, waiting for output to drain; a process in this state may not be killed, as it
       is already dying.

       If  the	parent process of the calling process is executing a wait or is interested in the
       SIGCHLD signal, then it is notified of the calling process's termination and the low-order
       eight bits of status are made available to it; see wait(2).

       The  parent  process  ID of all of the calling process's existing child processes are also
       set to 1.  This means that the initialization process  (see  intro(2))  inherits  each  of
       these  processes  as  well.   Any  stopped  children  are  restarted  with a hangup signal

       Most C programs call the library routine exit(3), which performs cleanup  actions  in  the
       standard I/O library before calling _exit.

       This call never returns.

       fork(2), sigvec(2), wait(2), exit(3)

4th Berkeley Distribution		   May 22, 1986 				  EXIT(2)
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