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DICTION(1)									       DICTION(1)

       diction, explain - print wordy sentences; thesaurus for diction

       diction [ -ml ] [ -mm ] [ -n ] [ -f pfile ] file ...

       Diction	finds all sentences in a document that contain phrases from a data base of bad or
       wordy diction.  Each phrase is bracketed with [ ].  Because  diction  runs  deroff  before
       looking at the text, formatting header files should be included as part of the input.  The
       default macro package -ms may be overridden with the flag -mm.  The flag -ml which  causes
       deroff to skip lists, should be used if the document contains many lists of non-sentences.
       The user may supply her/his own pattern file to be used in addition to  the  default  file
       with -f pfile.  If the flag -n is also supplied the default file will be suppressed.

       Explain is an interactive thesaurus for the phrases found by diction.


       Use of non-standard formatting macros may cause incorrect sentence breaks.  In particular,
       diction doesn't grok -me.

7th Edition				   May 10, 1986 			       DICTION(1)
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