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CRASH(L)										 CRASH(L)

       crash - analyze kernel dump or active system image

       crash [ aps ] [ -bdvtiz ] [ -s sfile ] [ -c cfile ] [ -u addr ]

       Synopsis of options -
       -b   Brief mode; skip general display of processes
       -d   Crash dump contains swap image.  (default?)
       -v   Verbose; dump much information about each proc [future]
       -t   TTY structs to be dumpped
       -i   Incore inode table to be printed
       -c FILE	 Provide non-standard file name for system image input
       -s FILE Provide non-standard symboltable input
       -u ADDR	 Trace a process other than currently selected one
       -z   Interrupt Trace displayed
       aps  Print PS & PC at time of interupt (doesn't do anything)

       crash  examines	a dump of unix which it looks for in the file sysdump.	It prints out the
       contents of the general registers, the kernel stack and a  traceback  through  the  kernel
       stack.	If  an aps is specified, the ps and pc at time of interrupt are also printed out.
       The dump of the stack commences from a "reasonable" address and all  addresses  are  relo-
       cated to virtual addresses by using the value of kdsa6 found in the dump.

       The following options may be specified.

       -b     Brief mode; skip general display of processes.  Only the currently selected process
	      will be traced.

       -c cfile
	      If the -c argument is found, the following argument is taken to be the  name  of	a
	      file containing the system image.  The default is "/usr/sys/core".

       -s sfile
	      If  the  -s  argument  is found the following argument is taken to be the name of a
	      file, containing	a  symbol  table  which  should  be  used  in  interpreting  text
	      addresses.  The default is "/unix".

       -u addr
	      Force a process to be displayed as if it were active when the crash occurred.  addr
	      is the octal address of the proc table entry.

       /unix	     system namelist
       /dev/swap     swap device
       /usr/sys/core core file

       crash(8), adb(1), ps(1), rstat(1)

       Missing arg Unable to Open file Format Error in symbolfile

       Care should be used in running crash on "/dev/mem".  Things can change while crash is run-
       ning; the picture it gives is only a close approximation to reality.

       Mike Muuss, JHU EE
       John Stewart, Teledyne Geotech

					    March 1983					 CRASH(L)
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