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COMM(1) 										  COMM(1)

       comm - select or reject lines common to two sorted files

       comm [ - [ 123 ] ] file1 file2

       Comm  reads file1 and file2, which should be ordered in ASCII collating sequence, and pro-
       duces a three column output: lines only in file1; lines only in file2; and lines  in  both
       files.  The filename `-' means the standard input.

       Flags 1, 2, or 3 suppress printing of the corresponding column.	Thus comm -12 prints only
       the lines common to the two files; comm -23 prints only lines in the first file but not in
       the second; comm -123 is a no-op.

       cmp(1), diff(1), uniq(1)

7th Edition				  April 29, 1985				  COMM(1)
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