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nfprint(1) [bsd man page]

NFPRINT(1)						      General Commands Manual							NFPRINT(1)

nfprint - Print the contents of a notesfile SYNOPSIS
nfprint [ -p ] [ -l# ] [ -d or -nd ] [ -c ] [ -t ] topic [ note-list ] DESCRIPTION
Nfprint gives the user the ability to print the contents of notesfiles. Nfprint writes to standard output. The text is formatted with pr(1). When the -c option is used, the output is filtered through cat(1) instead. The -l# parameter specifies the page length to use (66 lines/page is the default). By specifying -p, the printout is arranged so each base note starts on a new page. The -d and -nd options specify only notes with the director flag on or off respectively are to be printed. Use -t to generate a list of titles only; the text of notes and responses is suppressed. The note list is the set of notes which are to be printed. An example note list is: 1,30-36,13,10,42-50. FILES
/bin/pr Output filter /etc/passwd for the users name /etc/group for the users group(s) /usr/spool/notes the default notesfile data base SEE ALSO
notes(1), pr(1), The Notesfile Reference Manual AUTHORS
Ray Essick (uiucdcs!essick, Department of Computer Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana, IL Rob Kolstad (kolstad@convex.UUCP) CONVEX Computer Corporation Richardson, TX University of Illinois NFPRINT(1)

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NFDUMP(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 NFDUMP(8)

nfdump, nfload - notesfile dump/load programs SYNOPSIS
nfdump notesfile nfload [ -Ddirectory ] notesfile DESCRIPTION
Nfdump and nfload are used to convert notesfile data base formats. Nfdump converts the specified notesfile to a portable ASCII format and writes it to standard output. Some diagnostics are produced on stderr. Nfdump can be run by any user; access to a particular notesfile is governed by that notesfile's access list. Nfload is used on the output from nfdump to create a new notesfile. The -D option specifies an alternate base directory for the notesfile. If unspecified, this defaults to ``/usr/spool/notes''. Nfload reads standard input for the ASCII representation of the notesfile. Typical use of these two programs occurs when converting an existing notesfile data base to a new format. The nfdump program should be compiled with the older structure definitions while nfload is compiled with the newer structures. The data base can then be converted with a shell script of the following nature: mkdir .OLD mv * .OLD for i in `ls .OLD` do echo $i start nfdump $i | nfload -D/usr/spool/newnotes $i done echo $i done echo ALL DONE rm -rf .OLD This assumes that the old data base is in ``/usr/spool/notes'' and the new data base is to be placed in ``/usr/spool/newnotes''. After the conversion is complete, one can move the old data base from ``/usr/spool/notes'' to ``/usr/spool/oldformat'' and the new data base from ``/usr/spool/newnotes'' to ``/usr/spool/notes''. FILES
notes(1), The Notesfile Reference Manual AUTHORS
Ray Essick (uiucdcs!essick, Department of Computer Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana, IL Rob Kolstad (kolstad@convex.UUCP) CONVEX Computer Corporation Richardson, TX University of Illinois NFDUMP(8)
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