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problem with kernel module loading

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Operating Systems Linux problem with kernel module loading
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Old 10-31-2008
problem with kernel module loading

Hi masters,

I am new to linux and unix forum and this is my first forum. So please excuse if
I am not giving sufficient information. I will give them on request.
I have created a bandwidth manager module. I am using a 2.6.9 kernel and in Red Hat 3.4.3 distribution. But when i run make following warnings are displayed with zero error.

*** Warning: "__fixsfsi" [/root/bandwidth_management/kqos.ko] undefined!
*** Warning: "__mulsf3" [/root/bandwidth_management/kqos.ko] undefined!
*** Warning: "__divsf3" [/root/bandwidth_management/kqos.ko] undefined!
*** Warning: "__addsf3" [/root/bandwidth_management/kqos.ko] undefined!
*** Warning: "__floatsisf" [/root/bandwidth_management/kqos.ko] undefined!

Since no errors are there i insmod the module using insmod kqos.ko but it failed with an error
error inserting 'kqos.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module

I gave dmesg and it also gave error(my module name is kqos)

kqos: Unknown symbol __divsf3
kqos: Unknown symbol __fixsfsi
kqos: Unknown symbol __floatsisf
kqos: Unknown symbol __mulsf3
kqos: Unknown symbol __addsf3

I tried it on the google and from some forum I got the feeling that(I am not sure) these symbols are related with some floating point operations which are not allowed inside the kernel. I am sure that there is no floating point operation in the module code .Can anyone tell me what can i do correct this error. Thanking you in advance......

Also if anyone can tell me where can i get any good documents (pdf or html or doc )on kernel threads and NPTL and kernel thread programming . I already have the following documents titled "The Native POSIX Thread Library for Linux". I am looking for another document.
Thanking you again...
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Old 11-07-2008
I guess you figured out you should use "modprobe" instead of "insmod". You also probably figured out that your module is incompatible with 2.6 kernels.

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