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primary partition size

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Operating Systems Linux primary partition size
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Old 08-31-2008
primary partition size

I am trying to create primary,extended and logical partitions.
when I try to create a primary partition, I can give it maximum 1027M (1gb). Why?
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Old 08-31-2008
Because You can?
If You want less, then specify less!

# 3  
Old 08-31-2008
I mean I want to allocate more than 1027M but it is not allowed..
# 4  
Old 08-31-2008
Are there any existing partitions?
How much free space does it say it has?
# 5  
Old 08-31-2008
even I delete all partitions,
When I try to create a primary partion, I can allocate maximum 1027M.
# 6  
Old 08-31-2008
How are you creating the partitions? I think there was a limitation around 15G for primary partition(s). But if you are deleting everything this is not the case.
# 7  
Old 08-31-2008
What program are You using for partitioning? Could You describe in detail what You are doing?

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