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Troubleshooting init.d script

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Troubleshooting init.d script

This is what I did:

1. I wrote a simple init.d script (

2. I placed it under /etc/init.d (where many other default scripts already are)
3. Set the perms to 755
4. Run: update-rc.d defaults

I can run it perfectly by doing:

/etc/init.d/ start

But it doesn't run at startup. What am I missing?
# 2  
Did you set the user and group of the script to root?
# 3  
Did you check de rc[0-n].d run level links? Do you have LSB comment headers in your init script?

From the man page:
When run with the defaults option, update-rc.d makes links named
/etc/rcrunlevel.d/name that point to the script /etc/init.d/name, using runlevel and
dependency information from the init.d script LSB comment header.
If any files named /etc/rcrunlevel.d/??name already exist then update-rc.d does
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