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Compiz Config File

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Operating Systems Linux Compiz Config File
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Old 05-09-2011
Compiz Config File

Hi All

I am using Fedora8 with KDE and i am trying to find the location of the file compiz is using

This is becasue i am looking for a way to write a scritp to run acorss people home space to see if the have compiz enabled

any help would be great

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Config::Model::Backend::Debian::Dpkg::Copyright(3pm)	User Contributed Perl Documentation   Config::Model::Backend::Debian::Dpkg::Copyright(3pm)

Config::Model::Backend::Debian::Dpkg::Copyright - Read and write Debian Dpkg License information VERSION
version 2.021 SYNOPSIS
No synopsis. This class is dedicated to configuration class "Debian::Dpkg::Copyright" DESCRIPTION
This module is used directly by Config::Model to read or write the content of a configuration tree written with Debian "Dep-5" syntax in "Config::Model" configuration tree. This syntax is used to specify license information in Debian source package format. CONSTRUCTOR
new ( node => $node_obj, name => 'Debian::Dpkg::Copyright' ) ; Inherited from Config::Model::Backend::Any. The constructor will be called by Config::Model::AutoRead. read ( io_handle => ... ) Of all parameters passed to this read call-back, only "io_handle" is used. This parameter must be IO::File object already opened for read. It can also be undef. In this case, "read()" will return 0. When a file is read, "read()" will return 1. write ( io_handle => ... ) Of all parameters passed to this write call-back, only "io_handle" is used. This parameter must be IO::File object already opened for write. "write()" will return 1. AUTHOR
Dominique Dumont, (ddumont at cpan dot org) SEE ALSO
Config::Model, Config::Model::AutoRead, Config::Model::Backend::Any, perl v5.14.2 2012-11-09 Config::Model::Backend::Debian::Dpkg::Copyright(3pm)

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