**Newbie** Need help to learn.

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Operating Systems Linux **Newbie** Need help to learn.
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Data **Newbie** Need help to learn.

I have just now started working with a company.
I am working on black screen and earlier I didn't knew whether it was unix or linux but today I searched google and found uname command and found that I am using Linux kernel Smilie .
As you all must've figured out that I am a real ultra newbie and I don't know "U" of Unix or "L" of Linux. Please help me in starting to learn.
1) Can you please suggest me where to start studying ?
2) What I need to learn Unix shell or Linux shell ?

Please help !!!!.
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start in our FAQ section...
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Start to study from the basics.

You need only the shell & some book to guide you, thats all.
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For best editing in vim, use this link
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Thank you all but I have more queries.

@DukeNuke2 : Thanks a lot but in FAQ I got confused.

@ thegeek : Yes I need to start from the very basics. Can you please suggest some books for noobs like me and one more thing...I have windows 7, please can you guide me through about which Linux shell to use on win 7 and also how to download it and install it. Please help me I want to be an expert like you.

@ R0H0N : Sorry dear but I don't even know what's vim. I am total noob in this.
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This is where I direct any newbie who at least has an inclination to learn:


This page will be rendered by most browsers that are newer than 4yrs old, so you can, in fact, open it in firefox or IE or chrome, etc.
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