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Hi All
I have an extremely frustrating problem with my Mandrake 9.1 machine. When I am in KDE no browser at all will resolve hostnames. Networking is fine, as I can reach websites via IP address, however hostnames just don't work! When I conduct 'nslookup' or 'host' queries via the command line, hostnames are resolved fine, so it's not a DNS issue.

Even GNOME applications, such as Evolution cannot perform hostname lookups.

Something locally is stopping the applications from working, which is extremely irritating - I hate problems which seem to defy all rational explanation!

Anyone got any ideas?
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Just a guess, but is it possible your browsers have a proxy or DNS server set in their options/preferences which is pointing the wrong place? That might explain why command line can resolve hostnames but the browsers can't.
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maybe your resolution order dosnt have DNS listed. usually the order is, /etc/hosts, DNS, and then any other name services you may have running.
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