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df command in linux vs. Solaris

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Operating Systems Linux df command in linux vs. Solaris
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Old 09-24-2003
df command in linux vs. Solaris

We run both linux and Solaris where I work. We have a shell script that gives hard disk information on Solaris drives. Part of it executes the following command:

df -l -t -k

I need to know the equivalent in Linux in order to rewrite this script. I belive the options are different for linux.

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Old 09-24-2003
-l, --local
limit listing to local filesystems

-t, --type=TYPE
limit listing to filesystems of type TYPE

-k like --block-size=1K

see the df man pages under a linux distro if you have them installed on your system. if not search google for linux man pages.
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Old 09-25-2003
Found it on my own. -t in Solaris is for show totals, not type. I just removed the -t and the script worked perfectly under linux.

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