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hello people i just installed redhat, everything seemes to be fine, but when i start it, it boots up normally and starts firstboot or whatever, then it opens something, i can move the mouse for a while(thats all i see.. first the X then an arrow..) but then the whole computer freezes.. i think the problem is with XF86Config, but what can i use to edit it and how do i stop redhat to boot into graphics mode?
thanx anyways
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Your screen freezes. Does Ctrl-Alt-F2 switches you to a command line? If you do then log in as root and edit /etc/inittab according to

and change default runlevel to 3.
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everything freezez, theres no altctrlF1 or F2 or anything, i need to know a way to boot into non-0graphical mode 1st.. (switching the runlevel before login) hmm.. maybe if i boot into single user mode thingy or something.. ill try... also ill check out that link
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You could also insert the installation disk, and when it says
type in
linux rescue
at this point it will boot into repair mode, then it will mount your current root file system under /mnt/deviceimage, from this point you can

chroot /mnt/deviceimage

Now you can alter the config files you need to alter to get everything running, then save changes and reboot.
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