MkLinux, almost done

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MkLinux, almost done

I wouldn't say I'm a unix dummy, or a unix expert, but I have few other options. So I installed MkLinux on an old powermac 6100 I had around. I got it up and running too, its on my network, its apache web server works (though I need to install PHP) I downloaded the RC5-72 client and it runs great. There are a few things I need help with though. It has an FTP server running, but I can't figure out how to configure it so that I can upload. WIth upload ability, I can connect to the computer in the finder and edit the pages its going to host directly in GoLive. The other problem is SSH. I want SSH, so I tried to install OpenSSH. When I compile, it complains about libcrypto and SSL, so I installed OpenSSL. That seemed to go fine, except that OpenSSH, when I try to compile, is still unhappy. Thats really just about it. This machine isn't going to do much. There is an alternative though, referring back to ftp. Is there an Apple File-sharing Protocol server for unix? I know someone makes a samba server for unix. That would be even better, but FTP will do if it needs to.
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My suggestion is to be patient and get SSH up and running. Please feel free to post your exact error messages and we will guide you.

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When i "./configure" OpenSSH, it runs through many many checks, then finally tells me the following,
"configure: error: *** Can't find recent OpenSSL libcrypto (see config.log for details) ***"
(of coarse the log just said the same thing over again)
Then I downloaded, configured, make'd, and installed OpenSSL. And It seemed to go through fine, no errors or anything, but OpenSSH still tells me the same thing when I try to compile it.
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ldconfig -p

and you will see a list of of directories and candidate libraries stored in the current cache.

Do your crypto libs show up in the library cache?

If not, you might need to explicitly add your runtime libs by name in:


After you do, you will need to run ldconfig again to update the cache. Suggest you take a look at the ldconfig manpage. for more info and clues.

That should do the trick. Let us know what you find out.
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ldconfig: command not found

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/sbin/ldconfig -p
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jesus!! that worked but it scrolls its output for about 5 seconds on the screen. How can i get it to output in a way that i can scroll through?
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