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Kernal panic error& setuproot:error mounting /proc&/sys

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Operating Systems Linux Kernal panic error& setuproot:error mounting /proc&/sys
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Old 03-09-2009
Kernal panic error& setuproot:error mounting /proc&/sys

Hi all,
I am new to redhat/fedora linux.

In fedora linux 6,we created one file system(hda3 - /fs).
in this mount poing we were installed mounta vista os.
while booting we are getting below error messages.

Booting 'mountaVisat(2.6.18_pro 500_pc_target-x86_586 smp)'
filesystem type is exr2fs,parttion type 0x83
kernal /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.18-pro500-pc_target-x86_586-smp
ro root=/dev/hda2 rhgb
error 15: file not found

intel-rng: FWx1 not detected
audit: cannot initialize inotify handle
Redhat nash version 5.1.19 starting
could not bind to netlink socket: No such a file and directory
could not open netllink socket
mount:could not find filesystem '/dev/root'
setuproot:moving /dev failed:No such file or directory
setuproot:error mounting /proc
setuproot:error mounting /sys
switchroot: mount farled: No such file or directory
kernale panic - not syncing: Attempt to kill init

Such kind of errors are getting.

Plz let me know if you have any ideas?
some more(4) machins are working fine with same configuration expect one machine.
it is very high priority.

Thank in Adv.

Arjun Reddy
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Old 03-09-2009
It cannot find its root partition. Perhaps your partition tables got overwritten.
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Old 03-10-2009
thankx for quick responce...

So what should do further? already some of machines ae working fine with same configuration.
any troubleshooings?

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