CurL command Rest API call with oauth 2.0 secutity error

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CurL command Rest API call with oauth 2.0 secutity error


I need to get rates for different security form REST API . the API is oauth 2.0 secured.

i need to use curl command to get json response from api .

token URL - is HTTP
data URL is - HTTPS

when trigger my command from bash script it passing and failing intermittently with following error

with error could not resolve host for curl command (exit code 6). It is stopping me from proceeding .

my command for token :

RTOKEN=$(curl -X POST $RTOKENURL -u $RCLIENTID -d "grant_type=client_credentials" -d "code=client_credentials" | grep token | cut -d, -f1 d\" -f4)

For data with above token

curl -k -o $INDIR/$IFILENAME --request GET --url $RDATAURL$RTOKEN --header 'authorization: Bearer'$RTOKEN.

so the problem is intermittent so some time i get my data in file and sometimes it fails with above error please help...

Please Note :- same URLS are working fine with POSTMAN(chrome) always.
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LWP::Authen::OAuth(3pm) 				User Contributed Perl Documentation				   LWP::Authen::OAuth(3pm)

LWP::Authen::OAuth - generate signed OAuth requests SYNOPSIS
require LWP::Authen::OAuth; Google # Google uses 'anonymous' for unregistered Web/offline applications or the # domain name for registered Web applications my $ua = LWP::Authen::OAuth->new( oauth_consumer_secret => "anonymous", ); # request a 'request' token my $r = $ua->post( "", [ oauth_consumer_key => 'anonymous', oauth_callback => '', xoauth_displayname => 'Example Application', scope => '', ] ); die $r->as_string if $r->is_error; # update the token secret from the HTTP response $ua->oauth_update_from_response( $r ); # open a browser for the user # data are returned as form-encoded my $uri = URI->new( 'http:' ); $uri->query( $r->content ); my %oauth_data = $uri->query_form; # Direct the user to here to grant you access: # # oauth_token=$oauth_data{oauth_token} "; # turn the 'request' token into an 'access' token with the verifier # returned by google $r = $ua->post( "", [ oauth_consumer_key => 'anonymous', oauth_token => $oauth_data{oauth_token}, oauth_verifier => $oauth_verifier, ]); # update the token secret from the HTTP response $ua->oauth_update_from_response( $r ); # now use the $ua to perform whatever actions you want Twitter Sending status updates to a single account is quite easy if you create an application. The "oauth_consumer_key" and "oauth_consumer_secret" come from the 'Application Details' page and the "oauth_token" and "oauth_token_secret" from the 'My Access Token' page. my $ua = LWP::Authen::OAuth->new( oauth_consumer_key => 'xxx1', oauth_consumer_secret => 'xxx2', oauth_token => 'yyy1', oauth_token_secret => 'yyy2', ); $ua->post( '', [ status => 'Posted this using LWP::Authen::OAuth!' ]); DESCRIPTION
This module provides a sub-class of LWP::UserAgent that generates OAuth 1.0 signed requests. You should familiarise yourself with OAuth at <>. This module only supports HMAC_SHA1 signing. OAuth nonces are generated using the Perl random number generator. To set a nonce manually define 'oauth_nonce' in your requests via a CGI parameter or the Authorization header - see the OAuth documentation. METHODS
$ua = LWP::Authen::OAuth->new( ... ) Takes the same options as "new" in LWP::UserAgent plus optionally: oauth_consumer_key oauth_consumer_secret oauth_token oauth_token_secret Most services will require some or all of these to be set even if it's just 'anonymous'. $ua->oauth_update_from_response( $r ) Update the "oauth_token" and "oauth_token_secret" from an HTTP::Response object returned by a previous request e.g. when converting a request token into an access token. $key = $ua->oauth_consumer_key( [ KEY ] ) Get and optionally set the consumer key. $secret = $ua->oauth_consumer_secret( [ SECRET ] ) Get and optionally set the consumer secret. $token = $ua->oauth_token( [ TOKEN ] ) Get and optionally set the oauth token. $secret = $ua->oauth_token_secret( [ SECRET ] ) Get and optionally set the oauth token secret. SEE ALSO
LWP::UserAgent, MIME::Base64, Digest::SHA, URI, URI::Escape Rationale I think the complexity in OAuth is in the parameter normalisation and message signing. What this module does is to hide that complexity without replicating the higher-level protocol chatter. In Net::OAuth: $r = Net::OAuth->request('request token')->new( consumer_key => 'xxx', request_url => '', callback => '', ... extra_params { scope => 'global', } ); $r->sign; $res = $ua->request(POST $r->to_url); $res = Net::OAuth->response('request token') ->from_post_body($res->content); ... etc In LWP::Authen::OAuth: $ua = LWP::Authen::OAuth->new( oauth_consumer_key => 'xxx' ); $res = $ua->post( '', [ oauth_callback => '', ... scope => 'global', ]); $ua->oauth_update_from_response( $res ); ... etc Net::OAuth, OAuth::Lite. AUTHOR
Timothy D Brody <> Copyright 2011 University of Southampton, UK This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself perl v5.12.3 2011-03-31 LWP::Authen::OAuth(3pm)

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