Cant ping Linux machine from Windows

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RedHat Cant ping Linux machine from Windows


I have established LAN with the help of D-Link router. I am having 2 desktops ethernet connection managed by this D-Link router.
One PC is with Windows 7 OS
Second PC is with Redhat Linux 6.1

Both the PCs now stands connected to internet via this D-Link router.

I could ping windows PC from Linux machine; but reverse is not working.

Hence on windows I have also ensured hosts file at \Windows\system32\drivers\etc is added with IP address of Linux machine.

Still, no luck.

Is there anything, I am missing ?
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What are the IP addresses involved (router, win PC, linux host)? What IP version (4 or 6)? Did you try using the numerical IP address?
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WinPC -
Linux -

Router address I believe the one provided by ISP -

I am trying to ping with numerical IP address only.
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Does the linux PC show up in the arp table after (arp /a) ?
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Its not seen in

arp -a

What is its significance ?
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Does the windows PC ping the router? Does it ping itself? Some routers have a ping function; does it ping the linux host?
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Originally Posted by videsh77
Its not seen in

arp -a

What is its significance ?
That means that there isn't even a Layer-2 connection in place.

ARP (address resolution protocol) is working on its own address schema (the "MAC-addresses") and works below IP (=Layer 3).

When a IP-Host wants to contact another IP-Host on the same Ethernet segment this is how the communication is finally resolved: each host maintains a table (the so-called "ARP-cache", which the command arp lists) about which IP-address on the same segment relates to which MAC-address (=identifier for a certain network card) and uses this to contact the right host (more precisely: the correct IP-Interface of a certain host). For communication across segment boundaries there are bridges (or routers, switches, ...., which work the same in this regard), which are used as relays. Say, "hostA" (on segment A) wants to contact "hostB" (on segement B):

hostA@segmentA: sends packet  "dest-IP=hostB, dest-MAC=MAC of router(interfaceA), sender-IP=hostA, senderMAC=hostA"
router(interfaceA): accepts this packet as it is MAC-addressed to it
router: rewrites this packet to "dest-IP=hostB, dest-MAC=MAC of hostB, sender-IP=hostA, sender-MAC=MAC of router(interfaceB)"
router(interfaceB): sends packet to hostB

I hope this helps.

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