iptables conundrum

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Debian iptables conundrum

Ok, if youre reading this prepare yourself.(debian based os)

so im trying to do this routing with ip tables, i need to forward/SNAT traffic from to, the 192.x.x.x ips are being shoved into a honeyd like program called inetsim so its offline, is connected to the internet, how do i get the traffic from to

and i need it to at least be a specified port range for since the ports vary from 49100-50000.

ive tried a lot of different iptables only to be thwarted many times. i got it working one time but i broke it somehow and i dont know how i did that.

please help! Smilie if you need to see my current/old rules let me know. i can sanitize them rather quickly
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you say but then There's a range? Can you better describe what's happening?

You must also account for traffic in both directions.
SNAT from to
DNAT from to
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sorry! the first set of numbers is supposed to be, more to add would be that is the gateway and dns of

and yes there is a port range. i think thats only the case if it cant connect the the server on but the program i need to use eats all traffic that isnt needed.

so in turn its being the reporting box, being the connection live to the web to hit said reporting box, and being the gateway/dns server of > > >

i say this because the last time i had it working it showed as the address for assume thats masquerading) on the reporting box, and in the inetsim config file it says what ip should be used if inetsim will act as a router for certain traffic

This is a malware traffic analysis box. so it needs to only have this one ip address allowed on this one port so that it can report findings of files run to said box.

the inetsim program also makes its own rules that are pretty annoying. at one point i had it telling me that it was established but wasnt showing activity on the destination server. and now its back to square one. let me know if you need more details. sorry for the typo!

and i have traffic from already accepted, its from that i cant get routed.
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can you give me an example of how to do that? the way its setup in my environment is getting confusing
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