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Difference between Bandwidth Provider and Peering Partn er

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Difference between Bandwidth Provider and Peering Partn er

Hey everyone. I work for a small colocation data center. We also provide internet to small businesses via upstream providers like level 3. We also have peering agreements with a few places like NYIIX. My main questions are thus..

1. NYIIX, a peering interconnect, has a list of mutually peered companies. Members | (our company is on that list). What does this mean exactly? If you look on the list, Amazon is on if I visit, my traffic would be sent through this peered connection?

2. If nyiix or any peering places didn't exist, or there were no members, would we still be able to communicate? For example, if Amazon wasn't a member of this nyiix peering agreement or any peering, could we still browse to

3. When I do a traceroute from my computer to one of the companies on the list, I don't see any mention of nyiix, most of it goes through level 3. If we're peering with nyiix to connect with them why is level 3 handling the traffic then?

4. The IP's listed on the link, obviously aren't the IP's of the real networks. (Our companies IP range isn't 198. ) Those IP's are the servers that receive requests at NYIIX?

thanks guys, if I have any other questions I'll post them...
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traceroute versus a browser set up to use a proxy is different. Is your browser using a proxy agent?

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